5 non-salary ways to attract staff

There are many ways you can attract highly qualified staff to your business. Often, business owners assume that the only way to attract talented people is to offer them more money. While money can be an incentive for people to join your team, if you’re trying to keep overall costs down–or just can’t afford to keep up with competitors when it comes to salaries–you can offer benefits beyond higher pay that may appeal to the people you want to work with. 

Here are some great non-salary incentives you can offer prospective employees to encourage them to work with you. 

Job flexibility

These days, people are highly concerned about having work-life balance. They want the option of not being in the office every Monday to Friday from 9-5. Whether you allow for a compressed workweek (more days off in exchange for longer work days), starting and ending work days earlier or later, or the option of remote working, flexible work arrangements make your practice more attractive to potential staff, without increasing salaries. 

Additional job flexibility could include part-time hours or job-sharing arrangements, which opens your practice up to skilled staff who couldn’t commit to a full-time arrangement. 

Earlier benefits

If you’re looking to attract top talent, starting benefits immediately can go a long way. Healthcare can be expensive, so saving money on healthcare costs from the day they’re hired is a great incentive to work with you. It may also set you apart from other employers. 

Modern technology

Providing staff with modern technology and advanced work tools makes their job easier and shows that you’re invested in them and in the business. It also shows you care about their ability to do their work efficiently. Additionally, it may help you to attract new graduates from educational programs, many of whom would likely be trained on the newest technologies and procedures. 

Professional development

Employees want to remain up-to-date on the latest tools, technologies, and procedures. They also want to enhance their knowledge and gain new skills, but may not have the finances to cover their costs. Paying for education and professional development is an investment in your team and your business. Set aside a specific amount of money each year to cover employee professional development costs, or consider hiring someone from outside your business to come in and give workshops periodically. 

A positive workplace culture

People want to work in companies where they feel valued and cared for. By highlighting a cohesive team that cares about each other, treats each other well and values each other, you can attract top talent. If you go out of your way to celebrate your team and show you value them, make that clear to prospective employees. Talk about the team culture and how you work together. Discuss your values and how those relate to the working environment. 

Final thoughts

While salary is often the go-to for people looking to hire top talent, by being creative and exploring non-salary benefits, you may be able to set your business apart and attract highly-qualified people.